Braveheart Kilt Hire Package


Braveheart is quite a dark tartan with red and navy set as the predominant colours.  It is best worn with a Black Argyll or Charcoal Tweed Jacket and Waistcoat.  If a Prince Charlie Jacket is preferred, then silver buttons are recommended with matching belt and sporran.

This tartan became fashionable in 1994 when the film Braveheart starring Mel Gibson portrayed the story of William Wallace (1272-1305). It had been created originally as Braveheart Warrior to promote a Scottish martial arts championship in Japan. The demand caused by the success of the film shortened its name to just 'Braveheart' by use and useage.

Boys kilts available in sizes 18" to 26" waist and adult kilts available in sizes 28" to 50" waist.

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