Dress Gordon Kilt Hire Package


It is best worn with an Argyll or Navy Tweed jacket and waistcoat.  If a Prince Charlie Jacket is preferred, then dark or silver buttons are available with matching belt and sporran.

Boys kilts available in sizes 18" to 26" waist and adult kilts available in sizes 28" to 50" waist.

Dress Tartans are often easy to identify due to the abundance of white thread used to make up the design, the inspiration for which, goes back to eighteenth century women’s fashion.  Modern dress tartans hearken back to this fashion, and are simply versions of the standard clan tartan with a main color changed to white, or extra white added to the pattern.

The Gordon's near-regal status earned their chiefs the still used nickname Cock o' the North and is displayed by the gold line running through their tartan.

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