Lochness Tartan Tie


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This evocative tartan was commissioned by Isle of Skye resident, Rosemary Nicolson Samois, who has a long and close affinity with Loch Ness. Loch Ness is widely regarded as Scotland's best-known loch - long, deep, mysterious and the abode of Nessie, it's fabled monster. The striking yet harmonious blues in this tartan reflect the myriad and ever changing moods of Loch Ness which can alter from petrol blue to foreboding grey, whilst the barred red approximates the flaring red nostrils of the dragon/serpent Nessie. To date, reassuringly, there have been no reported attacks by Nessie on either angler or boatman, but a rumour has it that a frogman has been missing since 1948.

This is a high quality fine wool neck tie. Available in over 500 authentic Tartans. Made from our light weight Reiver fabric.

Dimensions 9cm x 142cm

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