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MacBean Modern Light Weight Tartan. This clan was a sept of Clan Chattan and their home near Inverness. The MacBeans were at the Battle of Harlaw in 1411 and the clan historian claims they suffered more losses than any other branch of Clan Chattan. Of the branches of this clan, that of Kinchyle became very prominent. The heroism of Gillies MacBean at the Battle of Culloden on 16th April 1746, is well known. Single-handed he killed 13 Hanoverians before he was overcome and killed. The MacBeans were noted for their valour and Major-General William MacBean, who enlisted as a private in the 93rd Regiment, won the V. C during the Indian Mutiny.

This is a high quality fine wool neck tie. Available in over 500 authentic Tartans and made from our light weight Reiver fabric.

Dimensions 9cm x 142cm

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