Nithsdale Tartan Tie


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Nithsdale, the valley of the River Nith, stretches over fifty miles, north to south, through the length of Dumfriesshire to the sea. It takes its name from a mixture of Brythonic and Scottish words meaning "valley of the new river". Perhaps no other area is as famous in Scottish music as this one. Burns immortalised the small tributary of Afton Water and Maxelltown's Braes were home to "Annie Laurie". The River Nith, which abounds in salmon, was early harnessed to bring industry to Dumfries, the only major town in the area. Nithsdale is rich in history. It was the territory of the Maxwells who controlled the region from their stronghold at Caerlaverock on the eastern side of the Nith estuary. The Nithsdale tartan is appropriate for both residents and the many visitors to the area and, with the "Galloway" tartans, could well serve as a tartan representative of Dumfries and the surrounding region.

This is a high quality fine wool neck tie. Available in over 500 authentic Tartans. Made from our light weight Reiver fabric.

Dimensions 9cm x 142cm

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