Oliver Tartan Tie

Oliver Tartan Tie


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The Oliver clan or more strictly the Oliver surname came into being in the Borders area of Scotland in the middle of the 13th century, and rapidly increased in numbers. From their strongholds and territory in Jedforest (roughly present-day Southdean parish), which lay across the invasion route from England at Carter Bar, they waged war on surrounding Border clans, and on the English when they were not allied to them by treaties of assurance. Their most famous exploit was a raid into England, to Otterburn, in 1583, to recover stolen cattle in which over 200 horsemen took part. Following the pacification of the Borders area in 1603, they ceased to operate as a military faction, and settled down to farming and more peaceful activities, except during the Covenanting troubles.

This is a high quality fine wool neck tie. Available in over 500 authentic Tartans and made from our light weight Reiver fabric.

Dimensions 9cm x 142cm

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