Standard Replica WW1 Kilt (40x25)

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  • Kilt in 18oz green worsted wool
  • Kilt hanger

This Harris Kilt Company Standard Heavyweight Kilt is made using an 18oz green worsted wool and was ordered but no longer required.  It has a 40-43" waist, a 25" length and is now available at a heavily discounted price.  As with all our kitls, we take extreme care and pride in their making and provide you with a kilt hanger to help you ensure it becomes a family heirloom.

Our standard heavyweight kilts are made using 16oz tartan cloth, which has a selvedge edge that then becomes the bottom edge of the kilt. Traditionally, kilts are made without a hem, however a hem can certainly be added if required (e.g. for growth etc.).

We make every kilt to your exact specifications and is individually labelled with your name and date of making. We spare no effort or materials when making your garment, always using a minimum of 8 yards (7.4m) of tartan cloth to give the maximum depth of every pleat and allow for any future adjustments.

Our fastidious attention to detail ensures perfect pattern matching of each tartan sett or line balanced throughout the garment.  All our kilts have matching tartan belt loops to the rear, with leather straps and buckles to fasten at the sides, one on the left and two on the right.

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