Scotland Rugby Team Boxer Shorts

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Our latest addition to the V.I.B. range! Scotland Rugby Team Very Important Baws boxer shorts.

The Bawbags VIB (Very Important Baws) boxer short range is designed for optimum comfort. Allow your baws to live the life of luxury with our new super soft, breathable Comforti-Baw fabric, and treat them with our new cut - featuring a longer leg, and an extra generous baw pouch. We’ve given them a discreet branding touch too, with an understated BB woven label and mod loop on the waistband. Give your baws the VIB treatment!

A portion of proceeds from every pair of Bawbags boxer shorts sold goes to support cancer charities. Remember, 98% of testicular cancer cases are curable if caught early enough, so check yer baws!

  • Longer Leg
  • Extra Generous Baw Pouch
  • Discreet Branding
  • Comforti-baw Fabric
  • Supporting Cancer Charities