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The MacPhies, Sons of “The Dark One of Peace”, are one of the several branches of Clan Alpine, descended from Kenneth MacAlpine, King of Scots. An older form of the name is MacDuffie, so written in a charter of 1463, from the Gaelic Mac-Dubh-Sithe. The Chiefs were Heriditary Keepers of the Records of the Isles and they were in possession of the Isle of Colonsay until, in 1615, Malcolm MacPhie joined John of Islay in his ill-fated rebellion. It was after the forfeiture of the Lords of the Isles that the MacPhies gave their allegiance to the Islay MacDonalds. After this misfortune, the MacPhies were a “broken” clan. Some went to Lochaber and followed Lochiel, others settled round the Firth of Clyde, others again went to Ireland, where the name is sometimes found as MacAfie and MacCaffey. MacPhees from Lochaber will use the Cameron Badge of Oak but those who have no local allegiance will use the Pine of Clan Alpine. Another spelling is MacFie.

This is a high quality fine wool neck tie. Available in over 500 authentic Tartans and made from our light weight Reiver fabric.

Dimensions 9cm x 142cm

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